Winter 2021 awards

Student Experience Grants awarded in the winter 2021 round of applications.

Clubs, societies and social enterprises

Club, society or social enterprise Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh University Fencing Club Overhauling Edinburgh University Fencing Club armoury

Overhaul the club’s armoury to allow fencing to take place in a safe, responsible and welcoming environment, and offer necessary equipment to new or prospective members.

Edinburgh University Golf Club Golf Club player development and member engagement

The Golf Club wants to change the selective stigma of golf by offering free rental clubs to recreational golfers to develop their skills, socialise and enjoy the sport.

Edinburgh University Gymnastics Club Improving training opportunities for men's artistic gymnastics

Acquire parallel bars and rings and thereby increase the range of gymnastics apparatus the club’s gymnasts can train on.


Edinburgh University Jazz Orchestra

Masterclasses The Jazz Orchestra will organise Zoom masterclasses for their members. The classes will be led by local professional jazz musicians. £500
Edinburgh University Kendo Club Kendo club digitisation

Funding camera equipment to record practices and matches, which will be streamed online. This will help to build a wealth of online resources for students to learn about kendo.


Edinburgh University Lawn Tennis Club

Bringing wheelchair tennis to Edinburgh The club will purchase two tennis wheelchairs to improve the accessibility of the club and become more inclusive for all students at the University and in the wider community. £1,700

Edinburgh University Orienteering Club

Orienteering kit The club will purchase a camera, tent and promotional banner to run and attend high-level events. £1,165.99

Edinburgh University Triathlon Club (EUTRI)

EUTRI open water swim accessibility kit

Funding to build up a substantial inventory of open water swim kit for club members, including wetsuits, gloves, socks and safety buoys that the members can borrow or rent in order to go open water swimming.

Linda Initiative Shadow Pandemic: Teen pregnancies

Linda Initiative plans to run a program to provide guide booklets to teenagers in Kenya. Linda Initiative started in 2018 and aims to provide sex education to youth in Kenya in order to protect them from misinformed decisions.


College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh College of Art THEBOX.GALLERY

The aim of this project is to build a miniature contemporary art space where the work of art students can be installed and subsequently exhibited.

Edinburgh College of Art Policing Art Exhibition Trail

The exhibition is an accessible event conceived by the Early Career Creatives, a group of emerging artists based in Edinburgh and further afield. They are working together to create and provide opportunities to promote each other's artistic practices.

Edinburgh College of Art Future Flavours of Sound Festival A Glastonbury inspired online sonic festival with four simultaneous streamed stages.


Moray House School of Education Enhancing postgraduate students’ experience: Co-constructing peer support community This project aims to explore the feasibility of promoting a postgraduate taught (PGT) and postgraduate research (PGR) peer support community at Moray House School of Education. It responds to an identified gap in connecting PGR students with groups outside its own, and recognises the critical importance of their development. £4,970.56
Moray House School of Education

Mind-Athletics: Settle, strengthen and stretch the mind

Delivery of Mind-Athletics, an interactive wellbeing programme for Sports Union Students. £5,000
School of Divinity World Christianity Podcast

To launch a podcast that focuses on World Christianity and promotes research of PhD students at the University of Edinburgh.

School of Health in Social Science Butterfly Baby Club: Co-producing digital resources for families during Covid-19 In response to Covid-19 the Butterfly Baby Club will virtually support parent-infant mental health and promote early development through free digital resources. £4,992
School of Social and Political Science Tollcross Telefriending Service

Given the rapidly increased level of social isolation, bringing with it emotional, mental, and physical illness and stress, this Telefriending partnership with a local charity would provide regular contact between students and isolated local people.

School of Social and Political Science Re:think 3 (the despite-Covid edition)

Re:think is a peer-reviewed online journal of creative ethnography, which is managed by an editorial collective of undergraduate students (UG) at the School of Social and Political Science, and features work by UG students at the University of Edinburgh and beyond.


College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Hedgehog Friendly Spaces

This project aims to build hedgehog friendly spaces at the Easter Bush Campus to stimulate biodiversity and well-being.

Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Training in nature awareness, wildlife tracking and conservation

The goal of this project is to run three seasonal courses by leading naturalist Dan Puplett, aiming to teach essential skills while improving understanding of the species present on the Easter Bush campus.


College of Science and Engineering

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
School of Biological Sciences She Can

She Can is a pilot program that aims to provide employment opportunities and a self-care platform for underprivileged women in a tribal region of Maharashtra, India, to improve their livelihoods.

School of Chemistry Eduino 2021 (Arduino Group)

The aim of this project is to set up a multi-disciplinary Arduino group that is accessible to all students at the University. The group will offer tuition, funding and support to enable students to build and showcase their own electronics-based projects. 

School of Engineering PremierDev Summer Tech BootCamp

The PremierDev Summer Tech BootCamp is a three months intensive tech bootcamp. It aims to provide young Cameroonians with software development skills to develop software products for the African service industry in a Covid-era digital world.

School of Engineering FastMedCare

Enhancing the reliability of health care services delivery in Rwandan hospitals and health care centres.

School of GeoSciences Malaysian Earth Science Association (MESA)

A student-led group will establish a network to interact and share ideas among Malaysian Earth Science students all over the world.


Non-academic departments

Department Project title Project overview Amount awarded

Edinburgh University Sports Union (Wellbeing Committee)

Mental Health First Aid Qualification for sports clubs One member from each sports club will undertake a full Mental Health First Aid Qualification. £4,940