Autumn 2023 awards

Student Experience Grants awarded in the autumn 2023 round of applications.

Clubs, societies and social enterprises

Club, society or social enterprise

Project title Project overview Amount awarded
93% Club 93% Club Society Podcast This project seeks funding for audio equipment and supporting podcast guests for taking part in a new society podcast. 500.00
Coral Club (Marine Science Society) Funds to attend Ocean Decade Conference/Engagement and research of the society The conference is a networking event for reef scientists, conservationists, and university students to collaborate and discuss coral reef research and conservation. 5,000.00
Edinburgh University Cycling Club Funding of bikepacking kit for the Edinburgh University Cycling Club A bikepacking kit to be loaned out to its members to encourage adventure by bike and more sustainable travel. 1,982.00
Edinburgh University Formula Student (EUFS) Edinburgh University Formula Student Funding to purchase a 4-Wheel Drive torque motor for the club’s electric car. 5,000.00
Edinburgh University Gymnastics Club Scottish Universities Gymnastics Championships (SUGC) 2024 SUGC will be hosting the third annual Scottish Universities Gymnastics Championships in April 2024. This event will include Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, and mixed Acrobatic categories. 1,000.00
Edinburgh University Motorsport Club Purchase of safety and race equipment to encourage participation in motorsport An essential kit for members to increase accessibility and encourage participation in motorsport, while increasing the performance and visibility of the club and university in national motorsport competition. 5,000.00
Edinburgh University Orienteering Club Orienteering cartography - creating the next generation of mappers A specialist mapping software (OCAD) that will help to train members of the University Orienteering Club with the aim to create and update orienteering maps, while supporting the future of EUOC and UK orienteering. 1,031.25
Edinburgh University Sailing Club New equipment for the club A new gear with the aim to remove financial entry barriers and access in order to provide better service to beginners and financially disadvantaged students. 4,747.90
Edinburgh University Skydiving Club (EUSC) Skydiving Competition Formation Team This project provides EUSC with a skydiving kit necessary to start a competitive formation team. 4,194.00
Edinburgh University Sub Aqua Club An automated external defibrillator (AED) to increase safety The purchase of AED and basic snorkelling equipment to increase the safety of club members on trips and promote their activities. 4,982.00
Edinburgh University Swing Dance Society University of Swing 2024 A weekend-long festival organised by students for students, offering workshops, classes and opportunities to socialise. 4,768.00
Edinburgh University Theatre Company (Bedlam) 35mm: a Musical Exhibition The first musical production taken on by the Edinburgh University Theatre Company in over five years. The project will see the installation a semi-permanent fly system in Bedlam Theatre to be reused for future productions. 500.00
Edinburgh University Trampoline Club (EUTC) Double Mini Trampoline Purchase of equipment to introduce the sport of Double Mini Trampoline to EUTC. 5,000.00
Endeavour Endeavour Rocketry Team Endeavour will attend 2 events: Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico, USA with a new rocket ADA II and Race-to-Space in Buckinghamshire with the goal to further test and develop their liquid rocket engine "Wee-Maxwell". 5,000.00
HYPED Design, manufacture, and test a scalable Hyperloop pod prototype for competition The creation of a Levitating Hyperloop Pod that puts emphasis on scalability. The pod will be brought to international competitions to compete on the global stage. 5,000.00
Salsa Society International Tour The society aspires to step on the biggest dance stages across Europe, fostering community and cultural exchange. 5,000.00
Sanitree Sanitree expansion The grant will be used for social enterprise development. 200.00

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh College of Art AI Experience Through the Digital The project aims to ignite critical and computational thinking while enhancing media and digital literacy in our increasingly AI influenced world. 5,000.00

Edinburgh College of Art (ECA)

ECA Illustration Alumni Day 2024 The ECA Illustration Alumni Day aims to build a strong sense of community among graduates, current staff, and students through showcasing alumni achievements. 4,500.00
Edinburgh College of Art Music at Paxton Partnership: Careers in Classical Music and Related Fields The project seeks to give the students experience of running a festival through tailored training, employability support, and progression to become a charity trustee. In partnership with the prestigious ‘Music at Paxton’ festival. 4,292.00
Edinburgh College of Art Environmental Humanities PhD Field Trip A field trip to Cromarty Arts Trust in the Scottish Highlands bringing together new Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network researchers in/outside of the University through collaborative workshops. 4,400.00
Moray House School of Education (MHSES) Nourishing Academic Progress: A Weekly Writing Retreat for Students in Education A weekly writing retreat facilitated by MHSES-Postgraduate Research students to offer a safe, supportive space for all Moray House students to work and collaborate. 5,000.00
Moray House School of Education  Write, Recharge, Excel: Empowering PhD Candidates within Moray House A writing retreat specifically aimed at PhD students in Education entering their final writing-up stage. It will be a focused, supportive and social event that takes place in a calming environment. 3,000.00
Moray House School of Education  Literacy in the Outdoors: Collaborative peer to peer learning A collaboration of students and staff on three postgraduate programmes who will share expertise in an experiential workshop and later apply the process across the school and the University. 4,996.00
Moray House School of Education  Dance-Craft A project that offers an innovative pedagogical approach that enables performance artists and young learners to experience the co-creation of authentic choreography. 1,020.00
Moray House School of Education Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) Reading Group and Knowledge Exchange Symposium A two-fold project for building a sustainable interdisciplinary CDA-research student network, culminating in a showcase of student-led CDA research projects. 4,700.00
School of Health in Social Science Life Is More Than Thesis An art, nature, and exercise-based project to improve PhD students' well-being by giving them the tools to manage stress and anxiety. 2,470.00
School of Health in Social Science Project CRASP - Creative Transitional Space Project CRASP aims to create an inclusive and open creative space for students to engage in art and crafts using a playful approach to mitigate stress levels and to help overall wellbeing. 3,340.00
School of Health in Social Science Framing Racial (In)Equality: The Reflexive Bulletin Project This school-wide initiative aims to gather and amplify racially minoritised students' experiences of race-related challenges to advance racial equity within the SHSS, resulting in guiding EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) actions and staff training. 3,528.00
School of Health in Social Science Training for ethical counselling work with queer and gender expansive people This project aims to offer a full-day collaborative workshop for counselling trainees and mental health-related disciplines to gain knowledge and develop skills to work with queer, transgender and gender-expansive people. 2,791.45
School of Health in Social Science Saving Lives This student-led project aims to provide life-saving CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training in the University and expand beyond conventional boundaries. 4,960.00
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Student-led event series with two award-winning international authors Two award-winning international authors will give a masterclass to Scandinavian Studies students and a talk open to the wider university community. They will also deliver a creative writing workshop in collaboration with the magazine Babble. 2,332.27
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Fin de Sexe?: A Symposium on Sexuality A one-day interdisciplinary conference exploring sexuality. It dilates sexuality's scientific, aesthetic, and philosophical dimensions at the turn of the twentieth century. 3,170.00
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures From Arthurs's Seat: An Anthology in Alba Taking the ‘From Arthurs Seat MSc Creative Writing Anthology’ on tour to art centres outside of Scottish cities. The project will facilitate the furthering of opportunities for writers on the MSC Creative Writing course. 4,471.00
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures 2024 (2nd) MINT Chinese Film Festival (CFF) MINT CFF 2nd edition in Keswick, involving mostly new films made in and about Greater China, including panel discussions, workshops and cultural activities. 4,500.00
School of Social and Political Science Gamebased Learning for PoliSci Education The project establishes a ‘game library’ by exploring the use of experimental games in scientific research. The focus will be on gamified learning and on workshops to enhance analytical skills. 5,000.00

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh Medical School The effect of cortisol on the growth of streptococcus salivarius A study dedicated to unravelling the influence of cortisol on the growth of the bacteria S.salivarius in our mouths. The results will provide insight into how stress may contribute to oral health issues. 677.45
Edinburgh Medical School The Wandering Womb An art installation that will travel around the UK to increase understanding of different menstrual health conditions, including endometriosis. 4,986.00
Edinburgh Medical School Altitude Physiology Expeditions (APEX) 7 An ambitious, student-led high altitude medical research expedition to the Bolivian Andes. 5,000.00
Edinburgh Medical School SimPat Innovations The project uses AI technology to produce free, interactive learning material for medical students, helping them develop their clinical and communication skills. 5,000.00
Edinburgh Medical School Management of stress, depression and anxiety among online Masters students A questionnaire-based mental health awareness project where we seek to understand and address stress, depression and anxiety affecting online (part-time) Masters students with the help of a clinical psychologist. 2,950.00
Edinburgh Medical School Edinburgh Medics Reveal 2024 - Costumes and Food A dance and strip show organised by medical students that aims to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. 5,000.00
Edinburgh Medical School Colouring book for childhood cancer patients The co-creation of a colouring book for children with cancer to support them while in hospital and help them understand their cancer treatment, including side effects. 4,500.00
Edinburgh Medical School Story Connections To enhance student experience by creating an innovative STEM story-telling tool to benefit local communities within an established community impact programme. This project fills a gap identified in existing STEM resources for children aged 4-8. 5,000.00
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Gluten home detection tests for assessing diet compliance in dogs; a pilot study A research (pilot) study aiming to assess the utility of gluten detection kits in determining diet compliance in dogs with chronic enteropathy (a disease of dogs which has some similarities to inflammatory bowel disease in humans). 911.65
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Dunking Dollys: A Wild Swimming Initiative at Easter Bush A wild swimming group formed between students and staff across the Easter Bush campus to help build and foster a sense of community, connection and support. 3,600.00

College of Science and Engineering

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
School of Biological Sciences The Breakfast Club Project A weekly breakfast club for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students within the School of Biological Sciences. 4,340.00
School of Biological Sciences ChemPALS - A new peer support programme within the School of Chemistry Peer support groups of four to six students that offer academic companionship. They will start as regular study sessions with a facilitator and gradually progress into academic and career support through final years. 4,689.00
School of Informatics Student Conference in Programming Language Theory A one-day event filled with talks and workshops on programming language theory, primary aimed at undergraduate students in the School of Informatics. 5,000.00
School of Informatics Fostering Collaborative Undergraduate Research in Informatics This project will enhance the undergraduate research experience, exposing students to research in academia and industry. Students will connect with peers and researchers from the University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University. 4,730.00
School of Mathematics MathBio reading group A reading group open to all staff members and students interested in mathematical biology, ecology and medicine topics. 200.00
School of Physics and Astronomy Space Entrepreneurship Project This project targets the student entrepreneur gap in the space industry, making it more accessible. 4,990.00

Non-Academic Department

Department Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Non-Academic Department Sports Union International Sport Competition An impactful and inclusive multi-sport event open to all students and staff. 2,000.00
Non-Academic Department The Scholars Network: Connect, Support, Thrive This project aims to enhance student support and wellbeing through mentoring, events, workshops, and social activities. 4,880.64