Autumn 2018 awards

Student Experience Grants awarded in the autumn 2018 round of applications.

Clubs, societies and social enterprises

Club, society or social enterprise Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Danns-Ed NoExcuse The project hopes to provide an awareness of preventing sexual violence in university settings in Scotland through dance and the visual arts. £500
Edinburgh Bee Collective Edinburgh Bee Collective This project aims to improve confidence, mental health and empower beneficiaries with transferable skills through teaching bee-keeping. It will also raise awareness about the importance of bees within the ecosystem through selling “bee-saving” kits. £675
Edinburgh Movie Production Society Movie production society short film project Funding the development of a longer term, more professional project undertaken by the society to provide a more in-depth and valuable involvement in filmmaking to students. £1,706
Edinburgh Student Surgical Society Interested in Medicine? This project will provide school students with a chance to learn about what medical school is like directly from medical students through a series of fun and engaging medical workshops. £844
Edinburgh University Canoe Club Expanding the sports offerings at Edinburgh University The Canoe Club will enable students to play canoe polo through purchasing the specialist equipment essential for the club to practice and compete. £1,795
Edinburgh University Jazz Orchestra (EUJO) EUJO’s cultural music exchange EUJO will experience and learn to play Latin music in Lisbon through visiting the city’s music venues, taking masterclasses with local musicians, and performing with the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa Orquestra de Jazz. £752
Edinburgh University Student Television (EUTV) Update EUTV Equipment New equipment for the television society so they can film their Drama programme. £1,385
Edinburgh University Trampoline Club Trampolining for all

Developing a community and outreach project aimed at giving young people in Edinburgh with disabilities the chance to trampoline. The project widens their opportunities to exercise, socialise, and develop sporting and personal skills.

Fencing Club Improve fencing experience at Edinburgh Facilitating two simultaneous home matches with up-to-date boxes for our teams and provide members of Edinburgh University Fencing Club with six running pistes during training. £1,746
Formula Student Battery system for electric racecar To design, build and implement a battery energy storage system for a self-driving electric Formula Student racecar. £570
History Boys Rugby Football Club (History Society) Intramural and rugby enhancement project Through the provision of weekly coaching by Scottish national league coaches the club intends to build on previous year of attracting to new players to rugby. £1,000
HYPED HYPED Outreach - educating about the future of transport HYPED is an interdisciplinary student project that aims to further Hyperloop development. Through the outreach activities the group aims to excite and enthuse about engineering while giving engineers the opportunity to gain transferable skills. £680
InnSpace Society Mixed reality design suite Create a virtual and mixed reality design suite for the InnSpace to allow students to develop and test virtual reality applications. £2,500
Late Antique and Medieval Postgraduate Society The Late Antique and Medieval conference An interdisciplinary conference on the late antique and medieval period organised by students from the Medieval Literatures, History, Art and Archaeology departments. £752
Patient Outreach Project Patient Outreach Project Supporting a student volunteer group visiting patients, particularly those who receive few visitors, in local hospitals. £1,642

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Business School Internationalisation at Home Week

The annual Internationalisation at Home Week will celebrate and reflect on the international student and staff opportunities.

Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) Dialogues Dialogues is a festival of sonic art, organised by ECA, happening during the Festival of Creative Learning. £2,440
Edinburgh College of Art Ghost Quartet An experimental, immersive re-staging of Dave Malloy’s contemporary song cycle Ghost Quartet, to be produced and performed by students. £2,145
Moray House School Of Education Supporting Pupils, Sustaining Practice A student-led, multi-agency three-day conference designed to provide student teachers with practical skills to support themselves, children and young people with their mental health and well-being. £2,154
Moray House School of Education Hacking the Distance Learning Experience Following the launch of the University’s innovative Distance Learning at Scale (DLAS) initiative, this student-led project will produce creative technologies that can connect new learning communities across the globe. £1,908
School of Health in Social Science Assembly of Affirmative Practice A two-day workshop of graduate skills for student nurses in their final years of pre-registration training. £2,500
School of Health in Social Science Super-Charged: holistic mentoring programme

This project matches university athletes with disadvantaged young people in a powerful, holistic mentoring programme. It will be built around five themes: performance, identity and values, mindfulness, community responsibility, and nature and connectedness.

School of History, Classics and Archaeology Gaming the Crusades This project aims to explore ways of applying academic historical knowledge to provide content for games. Students will gain experience with the games and publishing industries, as well as in commercial project management and event organising. £3,830
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Transgender: international/intersectional To organise and hold a student--led interdisciplinary conference about gender-fluid and transgender identities and issues. Guest speakers from different parts of the UK and beyond will present papers and participate in guest interviews. £3,000
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures

Conference for creative writing research students

Creating a place for creative writing MSc and PhD students to converse and explore contemporary literary criticism. £2,750
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures 3sArabic and Open Educational Resources (OER) Kick-starting an ambitious long term OER project to promote the learning and teaching of Arabic language and culture, and foster a culture of student-teacher partnership, collaboration and co-authorship at the University. £5,000
School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences It’s My Turn: an interactive theatre performance Students will aid in assessing impact of an interactive play, create a film and give a presentation regarding the steps involved in an innovative public engagement and community outreach project. £2,336
School of Social and Political Science Collaborative learning for the study of Science, Technology and Innovation Studies (STIS) in Latin America

This project involves initiating a sustained conversation between early career academics and PhD students in Latin America and Europe. The goal is to bridge the gap in literature and methodology between the two geographical and academic domains.


College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine 

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh Medical School Radiological Imaging and Intervention Symposium Edinburgh (RiiSE) This project will give individuals the opportunity to explore future careers in the realm of medical imaging. £1,000
Edinburgh Medical School Improvisational theatre workshops for introverted PhD students The aim this project is to organise improvisational theatre workshops for PhD students in biomedical research. The workshops will focus on presentation skills, promoting self-confidence and provide new networking opportunities. £2,250
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Creating a public engagement lending library A staff and student collaboration that will result in the creation of a public engagement lending library for use by all Easter Bush Campus students for schools and community outreach. £4,250
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies SnapPath: photographing and digitising veterinary histopathology SnapPath will be a platform to easily and rapidly disseminate images of interesting pathological cases to veterinary medicine students. It will also be a unique and comprehensive archive of important pathological cases to access anywhere. £3,000
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Vet Futures societal outreach project As part of a Vet Futures societal outreach initiative, this student-led group aims to promote awareness of the five animal welfare needs amongst primary school students. £3,500

 College of Science and Engineering

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
School of Biological Sciences WellComm: improving outreach at King's Buildings Supporting a peer support scheme that has an ultimate goal of improving mental health and wellbeing at the King’s Buildings campus. £915
School of Biological Sciences ScienceSLAM ScienceSLAM is a student-led science presentation competition for undergraduate students. After training workshops in semester two, forming a community between different schools, students will present a 10-minute presentation as part of a competition. £2,000

School of Chemistry

Augment Bionics Augment Bionics is aiming to empower amputees through creativity and innovation, by producing 3D-printed prostheses £1,729
School of Engineering Soft robotics research platform for undergraduates The project will develop a pneumatics-based soft robotics research platform for use by undergraduate students. It will be very accessible, safe and easy to use, enabling everyone to experiment with this exciting new area of research. £2,550
School of Engineering Vennle - improving transport for Edinburgh students Our student team, Vennle, is developing a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platform for the University of Edinburgh students. This data-driven software will allow travellers to plan, book and pay for their journeys through one app. £1,389
School of GeoSciences Picture This: visualising geographic research The project will establish a photography competition for all students and staff within the Institute of Geography. This will encourage conversation, build a sense of academic community, improve the built environment and celebrate the diversity. £890
School of GeoSciences The Elevator Project Young people living in poverty face a stark attainment gap. The Elevator Project aims to improve educational attainment by offering free one-to-one private tuition delivered by volunteer postgraduate students to pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds. £1,070
School of Informatics Farming@Home Imagine placing seeds at one end of a small machine and receiving freshly picked green leafy veggies such as lettuce, spinach every day, for perpetuity, with no work from your side. This project wants students across disciplines to collaborate and do just that. £4,980
School of Physics and Astronomy Design a Mars base and Lego sequencer activities This project will use astrobiology and space exploration as a vehicle for communicating science to all ages. £2,471

Non-academic departments

Department Project title Project overview Amount awarded
EDINA, Information Services Group How green is your campus? The aim of this project is to create and evaluate an application that will help students explore the greener side of the University of Edinburgh and be part of the discussion about how the city and the University develops their green credentials. £1,490
Museums Services Prescribe Culture: a social prescribing initiative To found a social prescribing initiative, Prescribe Culture, to provide mental health support to both students and the wider community through access to volunteering opportunities and creative activities. £1,200