Spring 2019 awards

Student Experience Grants awarded in the spring 2019 round of applications.

Clubs, societies and social enterprises

Club, society or social enterprise Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh Global Partnerships Mental health facility construction in Kenya Under Edinburgh Global Partnerships (EGP), Team Kenya is in partnership with Tinada Youth Organization to construct a mental health facility in Kisumu County. £1,054
Edinburgh University Boat Club Taking Edinburgh University Boat Club to the Head of the Charles Regatta, USA Taking a men’s and a women’s eight to the Head of the Charles Regatta, one of the biggest rowing events in the world, aiming to make this a biennial experience. £1,000
Edinburgh University Ladies Rugby Football Club  Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking devices for improving female performance sport Funding 22 Global Positioning System (GPS) units for the club in order to improve training and performance. £1,818
Edinburgh University Magic Society Magic Society website and filmed performances Creating website and filming performances to extend the reach and spread awareness of the new Magic Society.   £500
Edinburgh University Skydiving Club Edinburgh University Skydiving Club rig Funding a new complete parachute system (rig) for the club to help members with progression in the sport as well as allow them to form their first ever club team. £2,000
Edinburgh University Sub-Aqua Club Discovering and surveying new dive sites in Scotland - becoming more adventurous Learning marine and underwater archaeological surveying techniques and using these to discover new, more remote dive sites. Besides training, the grant will also be used to purchase a new air compressor. £2,500
Edinburgh University Theatre Company Edinburgh University Theatre Company accessibility week Running a week of accessible shows, workshops and discussions in September and supporting disability training at Bedlam Theatre. £550
Enactus Edinburgh Edinburgh Candle Company

Funding new candle kits as well as spreading brand awareness on campus and across the UK.

Enactus Edinburgh Harvest

Funding a trial project that aims to bridge the gap between companies providing emerging grain storage technologies and smallholder farmers. The goal is to target the significant post-harvest losses plaguing Malawi.

Orienteering Club Increase participation in orienteering Increasing participation in the sport of orienteering by supplying beginners with the basic equipment they require for the club’s training programme and weekends away. £500
Our SpeakEasy Community engagement through storytelling Hosting public speaking workshops to create inclusive, integrated and engaged community through storytelling. £800
R Sustainable R Sustainable social enterprise Running a range of events, starting from September, to provide a platform for conversation about “material innovation” in a wide variety of fields, from food, to fashion, to chemistry, to engineering.   £1,550
Theatre Paradok Theatre Paradok at Fringe Twice Over is an innovative, exciting and radical piece of theatre produced by Theatre Paradok. It will be on from the 2-10th of August as part of the Fringe Festival. £600

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Business School Sustainable fashion documentary Creating a documentary about the environmental impact of the fashion industry, highlighting how individual actions can make a difference. £865
Edinburgh College of Art Music Across Borders Bringing an intercultural integration experience to students through a celebration of local world music ensembles and illustrating through music a great potential of cultural diversity and intercultural collaboration. £3,670
Edinburgh College of Art Indiascussion podcast series Creating a podcast series about sustainable fashion, following a University-led trek in India, whilst raising awareness of industry problems, including sustainability, trade, colonial legacies, and gender. £647
Edinburgh Law School Rate My Night: night-time economy website Supporting the creation of a website that aims to improve transparency in bars, clubs and hostels in Edinburgh by allowing people to rate their experience. £3,226
Moray House School of Education Intentional learning communities and student engagement in higher education This collaborative project explores the student experience of intentional learning communities on student engagement, while simultaneously researching the student experience of student researchers learning research through practice. £4,980
Moray House School of Education Multilingual STEM programme for primary school pupils and parents in Edinburgh Putting a formative course assessment into action and running a multilingual STEM programme for less privileged pupils and their parents to explore public learning resources. £2,204
School of Divinity Conference in Late Antique, Islamic and Byzantine Studies

Expanding upon previous conferences in Byzantine studies by collaborating with the Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies department. The aim is to create a platform for the promotion of new historical approaches.

School of History, Classics and Archaeology In the Shadow of Mount Olympus: a trip to ancient Macedonia An eleven-day trip with students to explore the ancient region of Macedonia, by visiting sites and museums in northern Greece, southern Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia. £5,000
School of History, Classics and Archaeology LIFT - Elevating Women Beyond Sport Running a networking event, aimed at female performance athletes whilst demonstrating how sporting skills can be transferred into successful career opportunities, both within and outside of the sporting world. £1,775
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Syrian Futures Syrian Futures is an outreach project led by staff and students from the University that provides specialist support, training and resources to Scottish Syrians refugees of all ages £2,500
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures University of Edinburgh Disabled Students Archive

Building the foundation for the formation of the University of Edinburgh Disabled Students Archive. The aim is to collate an initial collection of extant documents and bring together current and past disabled students voices.

School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences (PPLS) PPLS PhD Summer Training in Statistics and R The project aims to build an infrastructure for PPLS PhD student’s statistics training, focusing on areas that are core to successful research and/or participants teaching career. £1,452
School of Social and Political Science Centre of African Studies writing retreat and workshop Enhancing the productivity of PhD candidates writing skills in order to aid them in the completion of their PhD theses, and to achieve wider research impact through the participation in writing and research outreach workshops. £1,160
School of Social and Political Science Edinburgh Graduate Research Conference in Political Theory This conference is geared towards postgraduate students in the School of Social and Political Science, and other schools in the humanities, and aims to address current challenges to global governance. £433
School of Social and Political Science Decolonising knowledge through art Carrying out two small but ambitious art-based projects on decolonising knowledge. £2,615

College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine 

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh Medical School Critical care ward virtual reality (VR) experience Developing a VR experience of a critical care ward for undergraduate students £2,450
Edinburgh Medical School Gamify your research Development and delivery of a game, with students and about students’ research, to connect with a local community audience as part of an established community engagement project. £2,500
Edinburgh Medical School Medics’ wellbeing walk

Providing first year medical students with an opportunity to gain empathy for each other and a sense of togetherness from the outset of their six-year studies. The goal is to undertake a whole-group medium-distance walk in the Edinburgh environs.

Edinburgh Medical School WellMed - a peer support group for medical students and other affiliated subjects Starting a new peer support group and focusing on four strands of activities - discussion, activity, a talk and self-help. £1,500
Edinburgh Medical School 3D printed skull base tumours for patient counselling and medical education Using a patient specific 3D printed skull base model to counsel the patient of the operative plan to see if it allows for a more informed patient consent. £1,000
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Enhancing student experience and community building by peer learning and society Creating a new agriculture society and form Agri-PALs (Peer Assisted Learning). These activities will facilitate student learning, build community and enhance student experience. £2,460
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies (R(D)SVS) R(D)SVS Pipes and Drums The newly formed R(D)SVS Pipes and Drums Society aims to provide teaching to those who wish to learn the bagpipes or drums and join our new pipe band. We welcome members of any level of expertise and welcome staff and students based at Easter Bush. £2,145
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies The Food Fly Project This student-led project aims to reduce food waste by exploring the use of black soldier flies as a means of converting food waste and other types of waste into usable protein. £895
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies The Journey of Tea - from tea plantation to teapot Over the course of one week, we will explore the journey of tea - from plantation to teapot.  We will identify social, economic and environmental issues and their impact on a sustainable supply chain.   £4,950

College of Science and Engineering

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
School of Biological Sciences

Building research links between Edinburgh and Trinidad

The project will work to assist and advise honours projects, assist PhD research, deliver community outreach and build a platform that makes it possible to form an expedition to Trinidad. £1,700
School of Biological Sciences Micro-fight: competitions of student microbiota for personalised phenotyping Setting up a 'tournament' where student microbiota compete against each other to promote awareness about the microbiome and to illustrate its applications for personalised medicine. £5,000
School of Biological Sciences Raspberry-Pi Plant: capturing plant growth dynamics, for research and education Develop programming and 3D-printing skills to construct an inexpensive, user-friendly and open-access, plant growth imaging platform. £2,566
School of Chemistry STEM Stories: a storytelling series of student journeys Through the medium of storytelling, this project aims to build a supportive environment to see what we share, what our fears and dreams are and the monsters we have conquered along the way. £2,500
School of Chemistry Electronic chess board for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Design and fabrication of electronic chess boards interfaced with artificial intelligence and chess engine. The whole idea of prototyping this electronic board is to explore the application of chess to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. £230
School of Chemistry The Playable Periodic Table Workshop - Unleashing the Elements The project aims to deliver a workshop based on newly developed card game promoting chemistry to primary schools in targeted areas. £1,268
School of Engineering 180 Degrees Consulting Edinburgh 180 Degrees Consulting aims to bridge the gap between quality, well-meaning consulting services and social enterprises struggling to afford such a service. £1,077
School of Engineering Leapfrogging Beyond Borders Holding STEM workshops in Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and creating a network of university students excited about using STEM innovation for social impact in these regions. £4,800
School of Mathematics Recognition of refugees’ education A cooperation project with the non-governmental organisation Za’atar in Athens to assist refugees who seek recognition of their higher education whilst promoting cultural integration of refugees in Europe. £1,070
School of Mathematics Mary Lister McCammon Research Fellowship This is a ten-week summer research fellowship for female students aiming to pursue a PhD in mathematics. £2,823
School of Physics and Astronomy Focusing on unheard voices in physics Providing underrepresented groups the opportunity to effectively communicate the changes they want to see through the work of new focus groups.  £700

Non-academic departments

Department Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh University Sports Union Volunteer Zambia Working with Sport in Action and its partners to make a significant contribution to the long term, sustainable development of young people in Zambia. £500