About the grants

Learn why student experience is at the heart of the grants, what we hope they will achieve and who's involved.

Why student experience?

Edinburgh is a place for independent, creative and critical thinkers to develop as innovators, researchers and explorers.

We know there are many ways for this development to take place. It could be within your course of study or research, or as part of activities in the wider student, university or civic community.

We believe in supporting projects that will help students to grow. Providing the resources and opportunities that allow students to make the most of their time at the University will benefit the whole community as they harness this experience and build on it in their careers.

What are the grants?

The Student Experience Grants are one-off contributions of up to £5,000 to support innovative projects and initiatives that will enhance students’ social, academic, entrepreneurial, sporting or cultural development.

Alumni-funded grants have supported projects at the University for many years. Student Experience Grants replaced Innovation Initiative Grants (IIG) in summer 2018.

Who’s involved?

We hope you will get involved by impressing us with your project proposal or helping to spread the word about the grants.

Here are the other groups of people involved in the grant scheme.


Alumni (former students) and friends of the University make the Student Experience Grants possible through their donations to the Edinburgh Fund. Without them, the grants would simply not exist. We regularly update our wonderful donors on what their donations have helped you to achieve.

Edinburgh Fund

Grants Team

We run the Student Experience Grants. We are part of the Development and Alumni department. 

Development and Alumni

Assessment panel members

All applications are assessed by a steering group that has representation from the three Colleges, Edinburgh University Sports Union, Edinburgh University Students' Association and Careers Service.