Autumn 2019 awards

Student Experience Grants awarded in the autumn 2019 round of applications.

Clubs, societies and social enterprises

Club, society or social enterprise

Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Animal Welfare and Ethics Society  Speed Date Debating Funding a "Speed Date Debating" evening. This project will allow students to debate topics related to animal welfare and ethics in a non-intimidating environment. £295
Chamber Orchestra 35th Anniversary Beethoven/Schnelzer Concert An anniversary performance of Beethoven's 9th Symphony and Schnelzer's Oboe Concerto. £2,100
Edinburgh Korean Students Society  1st Korea Conference This project will commemorate Korea’s March 1st Independence Movement in 1919 against the Japanese colonial rule. £2,000
Edinburgh University Classics Society Classics society lecture series Edinburgh University Classics Society "Evening with" lecture series.  £163
Edinburgh University Formula Student  Formula Student UK 2020 Competition

Members of the society will be participating at the Formula Student UK competition at Silverstone where teams of students are tasked with designing and building a race car from scratch.

Edinburgh University Jazz Orchestra Jazz Orchestra performances in Madrid and Salamanca The project aims to explore Spain’s rich history of music, particularly Salamanca’s flamenco music and to bring these influences into the society’s own performances. £867
Edinburgh University Women's Association Football Club EUWAFC aerial mast: for the benefit of all in sport and beyond

Provide an aerial mast with camera and viewing monitor for the Edinburgh University Women’s Association Football Club and beyond. The equipment will allow analysis among high performance teams, alongside experience for students in filming and evaluating.

Embedded and Robotics Society CreatED 2020 CreatED 2020 is a 24hr hardware hackathon to take place 14-15 March 2020 in which participants collaborate to produce an innovative project involving both hardware and software. £2,000
Engineering for Change Winds of Change This project will build a flat-pack wind turbine for educational purposes. £2,800
Equestrian Club Equestrian training clinic with Tim Rogers Professional Event Rider Time Rogers will visit the society’s training facility in Cumbernauld to do a training day with their four BUCS teams. £1,060
History Boys Rugby Football Club (History Society) History Boys Rugby Club 2019/20 Growth and Development Initiative The project will promote accessible and inclusive engagement with intramural sport, culminating in a cultural exchange to the Portuguese capital. £400
HYPED UK's First Hyperloop Test Track HYPED will be building a test track on which they will test all future Hyperloop Pod prototypes, before competing at the Annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in California. £5,000
R Sustainable R Sustainable Social Enterprise A platform to explore material innovation within product and fashion design. The project will promote local and international students, artists and brands throughout our events, such as the R Sustainable Fashion Show. £3,150
Sanitree Sanitree The project is the production of environmentally reusable sanitary pads in India to battle plastic pollution from traditional menstrual products and period stigma. £2,000
University of Edinburgh Afrobeats Dance society Beats Beats project will sustain and develop the work of Edinburgh University Afrobeats Dance Society as they promote African culture, community awareness and personal growth. £1,200
University Of Edinburgh Futsal Club Open Session Equipment Funding extra equipment to accommodate the increased participation at the University's Futsal Club to guarantee the quality of the sessions delivered by the Students running the club. £300
Wakeboard and Waterski Club Celtwake Competition Funding the participation of 15 members in the 2020 Celtwake wakeboard competition. £1,500
WellComm King's WellComm King’s “KB Crafts” Project and Exhibition

WellComm King’s focuses on mental health and wellbeing and will be running “KB Crafts”, a collaborative project working with staff and student groups to deliver fun and engaging activities. The project will culminate in an exhibition, showcasing the work of staff and students.



College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School Project title   Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh College of Art  Pop-up exhibition Funding a pop-up exhibition at whitespace for one night, which will be a visually exciting and thought provoking multi-media, quasi-performance. £220
Edinburgh College of Art The Future Of Music - Panels, workshops, performances organised by students  Student-organised event featuring expert industry panel for art students or all interested in “The Future of Music”. £3,975
Edinburgh College of Art Unfolding Love

A week-long exhibition and related academic conference on the theme of love. The aim is to engage the student body, internationally acclaimed artists and academics from across the UK in a conversation ignited by artefacts and artworks from the University Collections.

Edinburgh College of Art Canvas Magazine - a print magazine representing young creatives in Scotland Canvas is a student led printed magazine which will represent the art and culture scene in Scotland. £800
Edinburgh College of Art Playing with Glass The project aims to give students and staff a unique opportunity to experience hot glass in a playful, safe and fun way. £4,615
Edinburgh College of Art Spanish Theatre Company - Brigada Lincoln The Creation of a student-led performing arts platform which will have a substantial impact on both the University of Edinburgh and the Spanish-speaking community of Edinburgh. £2,150
Edinburgh College of Art MUSIC.OLOGY.ECA MUSIC.OLOGY.ECA will be the University of Edinburgh’s first digital musicology research journal, which will have an interdisciplinary focus and will allow postgraduate students the opportunity to have their research published. £690
Edinburgh Law School Social Media Mobile Application (POTATO)

A new application offering an instantaneous way for students to plan their time with friends and do activities.

Moray House School Of Education Empowering students’ cultural experience with art learning and Festival showcase By providing a platform of art skill learning and local cultural immersion, this project aims at cultivating students' sense of belonging, facilitating their intercultural understanding through experiential learning. £3,000
Moray House School Of Education Creative classrooms This project proposes a programme of events and workshops to support students training to be primary school teachers in developing skills and confidence to bring creativity and the expressive arts into their classrooms. £1,000
Moray House School Of Education Research-Connect This portal will connect researchers across the University with common interests in different schools, using already created official academic profiles from university webpages. £2,000
School of Divinity Christianity and LGBT+ Symposium A day conference to develop better understanding of the possibilities for supportive and inclusive theological thought across various Christian denominations. £1,700
School of Divinity Empowerment through art and craft A collaborative art project on themes of empowerment and diversity. £450
School of Economics Student-Led Academic Trip to Athens 18 students and two academic staff from the School of Economics will be visiting Athens from 15 – 22 February to study the Greek economy through a series of 10-15 site visits. £4,500
School of Health in Social Science Advocates for ACEs Training and supporting graduate students to promote awareness of the impact of adverse childhood events across the student population. £1,631
School of History, Classics and Archaeology Creating Regional Early Modern Postgraduate Student Network The project aims to establish a network of early modern postgraduate students in Scotland and the north of England, starting with a two-day conference. £975
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures The Leyden Society Establishing a rolling lecture schedule dedicated to Silk Road and asiatic subjects. £550
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot This project will take a show from the start of the process all the way to the Fringe Festival by building key skills in the creative arts industry from writing to direction, set building and marketing. £1,200
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures Materia A digital gallery space utilising new technology to give young artists the best possible exposure. £3,830
School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures LLC Blethers - An Evening of Academic Storytelling Blethers is a PechaKucha competition focuses on academic and non-academic life at LLC. Students compete explaining their research or some aspect of their experiences as researchers. £230
School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences Receipt Revolt: A guide to retailers to make paper receipts optional A documentary and campaign aiming at showing supermarkets how they can save millions a year in revenue and help the environment by making paper receipts optional. £2,639
School of Social and Political Science Pyjama Night Fundraiser for CAHMS (Inpatient Mental Health Services)  An evening event in which any student can attend to help raise money for CAHMS. £2,300
School of Social and Political Science Edinburgh Sustainable Innovation Conference 2020 Student-led conference stimulating a debate whether individual action can combat global warming and inspiring to life-style changes with positive environmental impact. £1,443
School of Social and Political Science What comes next? - Demystifying Post PhD Futures

This project builds university-wide capacity to support PhD students at the University of Edinburgh. It aims to alleviate potential stress and anxiety about their futures once the PhD has been completed.




College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine 

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Edinburgh Medical School Finding Their Voice - Raising Awareness of Makaton This project will organise and run workshops promoting awareness and use of Makaton, a language programme which uses signs and symbols to help people communicate. £900
Edinburgh Medical School Hands-on science: Build your window to the microworld Through an introductory workshop on building and using a simple microscope, the project aims to supplement conventional teaching methods with a hands-on creative and curiosity-driven exploration of biological sciences.  £4,898
Edinburgh Medical School Altitude Physiology Expeditions (APEX) 6 Contributing towards the costs of running an ambitious, entirely student-led, high-altitude medical research expedition to the Bolivian Andes. £5,000
Edinburgh Medical School Animating a student co-created medical computer-assisted learning (CAL) package Enabling the production of supporting animations/graphics for an interactive CAL resource on endocrine calcium homeostasis and disease, co-created by students and staff. £1,300
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies CasePALS: A peer-assisted learning authentic case scenario website This project will develop a bank of veterinary case-based scenarios, aligned with a major curriculum review which includes significant student consultation. £1,990
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies World One Health Congress 2020, travel for LMIC overseas One Health Masters Funding travel for six online One Health Masters students coming from LMIC to the World One Health Congress, a very prestigious event that will take place in Edinburgh in June 2020. £5,000


College of Science and Engineering

School Project title Project overview Amount awarded
School of Biological Sciences Arts & Crafts Workshop: Creative Tuesday Providing a flexible programme for students to try a variety of arts and crafts techniques in a social setting. £1,000
School of Chemistry Chemistry 2020 - Sound and Vision Bringing staff and students of the School of Chemistry together with professional musicians to make music celebrating our innovative science. £2,331
School of Engineering Edinburgh University Track Cycling Participation Project The project will allow for increased participation and safety in track cycling at the University by providing suitably sized bikes for all ranges of students, warm up equipment and tools for servicing bikes before and during training and racing. £2,143
School of GeoSciences King's Building Permaculture Community Garden: Building and developing garden This project is focused on the development of the King’s Buildings Permaculture Garden through building raised beds with fresh soil, as well as purchasing seeds and a wormery. £4,700
School of GeoSciences Art & Science Fusion A networking event will kick-off the launch of a series of events that will encourage early career scientist-artist interactions and collaborations from within and outside the University of Edinburgh, generating long-term impacts. £3,000
School of Informatics Energy Datathon A Datathon centred around climate and energy: a two-day competition-style event for 60 students to learn about the issues, explore climate and energy-related data, and work together to find analyses and solutions. £1,600
School of Informatics Edinburgh University Group Chats - Connect with your classmates before arriving at the University A messaging platform for students at the University of Edinburgh which aims to improve the student experience and combat social isolation by enabling students to find university group chats easier than ever before. £650
School of Mathematics The Piscopia Initiative An outreach scheme to encourage female participation in the mathematical sciences postgraduate research programmes at the University of Edinburgh. £4,400
School of Physics and Astronomy Earth Observation Hackathon A 24-hour programming competition that challenges teams of students to address one of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals using Earth observation data. £2,950
School of Physics and Astronomy Improving accessibility & inclusion in STEM subjects: Science is for everyone! A project to improve the accessibility of science subjects through sensory learning in the interdisciplinary subject of astrobiology. £2,740
School of Physics and Astronomy Moredun community science alliance Physics students will lead the design and delivery of science public engagement type-projects in local schools, culminating in an event co-designed with the community. £3,600

Non-academic departments

Department Project title Project overview Amount awarded
Careers Service Edinburgh’s world of work – bringing it to virtual life A suite of virtual experiences through which students experience a range of local working environments in a fun and easy way, gaining confidence and learning about the diversity and richness of our wider Edinburgh community. £3,200
Library and University Collections Dissertation Week Project Delivering a student focused week of events including a Dissertations Fair, where students can discover how the Library can support their dissertation experience. Developing new opportunities for student peer to peer training in information literacy. £3,000
Learning, Teaching and Web Services CRC colouring book volume three Publishing a new openly licensed colouring book based on images within the University’s collections. This new project will be led, managed and curated by undergraduate students and includes digital skills and relaxation sessions across the University. £2,490